Normal Skin

Very few people are blessed with an even complexion - a beautiful and healthy complexion is therefore not a matter of course.

Proper care and cleansing support the natural properties of normal skin and ensure that a balanced oil and moisture balance is created.

A daily moisturizing care is essential here, which provides the skin with sufficient moisture and protects it.

Dry Skin

A weakened protective skin barrier leads to dry and dehydrated skin. The skin cells cannot store water and thus lose their moisture.

The loss of moisture can be compensated for by active ingredients in the creams and oils by supplying lipids (fats) to the skin and stimulating the skin to produce lipids itself.

Special active ingredients such as glycerin and avocado oil strengthen the protective mechanism of the skin, provides intensive moisture and is stored by the skin for a particularly long time.


Healthy skin is able to naturally fend off internal and external influences. However, with a disturbed skin barrier, the skin often reacts with hypersensitivity and needs support for regeneration.

In order to properly address the needs of your skin, it is first necessary to find out what the causes of irritation could be.


Healthy skin protects the skin from external irritants and moisture loss. In sensitive skin, this natural protective layer is disturbed. 

Environmental influences, unsuitable care products or genetic causes can lead to hypersensitivity of the skin. The blue light emitted by electronic screens can also lead to skin damage such as inflammation, irritation and a weakened skin protection barrier.

For this skin type, special products must be used to soothe the skin and restore the natural protective skin barrier.

Further Care Tips