Welcome to ClaraCos | About ClaraCos

Our mission is to shine a new light on German brands and bring you the highest quality products.

As a proud Munich-based company and official brand store of the traditional brands Kamill, Glysolid, Burti and Litamin and the brand new and unique baby care brand GermaCare, we would like to share our love for skin and textile care, as well as health with you.

In addition, together with our experts, we would like to advise you on all topics related to sensitive baby skin and the well-being of your baby.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is inspired by the natural beauty of the mountain world. Following the example of the nature and strength of the Alps, we want our natural and effective products to provide a visibly well-groomed skin and an incomparable sense of well-being.

The panorama of the mountains not only shapes our view of things, but also the careful choice of ingredients in our products.


We stand for the highest quality, reliability and customer satisfaction.

In close cooperation with the manufacturers of the products offered, we are committed to environmental protection and sustainability in all facets.

Integrity and fairness

The purity and clarity of the Bavarian mountains are reflected in our corporate culture. We focus on integrity and fairness towards our customers, partners and employees


Transparency is important to us. We openly share the composition and ingredients of our products - including the well-known and nationally, as well as internationally popular brands Kamill, GermaCare, Glysolid, burti and Litamin.