Irritations & Stressed Skin

Healthy skin is able to naturally fend off internal as well as external influences. However, when the skin barrier is disturbed, the skin often reacts with hypersensitivity and needs support to regenerate.

In order to properly address the needs of your skin, the first step is to find out what could be causing the irritation.

Reasons of Stressed Skin


Everyone reacts differently to stress - but it can always affect skin health. Those who tend to have dry skin in general may be more prone to irritated skin, or even diseases like a topic dermatitis, more quickly as a stress response.

For oily skin, on the other hand, stress shows up in more skin blemishes or even acne.


Diet has a great influence on the appearance of the skin and its health.

How the skin looks has a lot to do with what is going on inside you. Industrial fats, which can be found in fast food, fried food, potato chips, convenience food or sweets, have a particularly negative influence on the skin.

Instead, you should rather reach for omega3 fats, which are mainly part of fish, seafood or nuts.

These fats even contribute to the smoothing of the skin.

Incorrect Care or Cosmetics

In many cases, the wrong or too intensive care leads to skin irritations.

"Less is sometimes more" - also in skin care. Anyone who thinks that the skin must be provided with as many care products and active ingredients as possible is wrong.

Much more important are the compositions of the care products and cosmetics.

We also limit ourselves to a minimum of active ingredients and do without anything that unnecessarily irritates the skin.

Our GLYSOLID Skin Balm protects the skin from any irritation. The highly concentrated Aloe Vera extract has a soothing effect and helps protect the skin from irritation and calm irritated areas.

It provides intensive moisture and is optimally compatible with its natural ingredients.