Organic Chamomile


Chamomile is one of the best-known native plants and is traditionally used as a natural care and healing agent. If you look at the golden yellow flower heads of chamomile, with a little imagination you can see a shining sun in them. The healing effect of chamomile is medically proven. The ingredients of chamomile flowers have various effects: They stop the action of pro-inflammatory substances in the body, they inhibit the growth of bacteria, they relax, soothe and promote wound healing.

Only certified organic chamomile from controlled cultivation is used. This means nature-friendly agricultural production and a low-pollutant product, because organic cultivation does not use synthetic pesticides, mineral fertilizers and genetic engineering. 

The cultivation of organic chamomile is environmentally friendly and as low in pollutants as possible. The acquisition of sustainability certificates for palm oil derivatives promotes the ecologically sound cultivation of oil palms in the producer countries and the improvement of living and working conditions in the producer farms.