The skin is our most sensitive interface to the outside world: touch, warmth, closeness - all that a baby needs to grow loved and secure, it perceives through it. The new Germacare baby and children's care line was developed to care for and protect the sensitive skin of the smallest ones in a natural way. Germacare products owe their extraordinary care properties to a special active ingredient:

Organic edelweiss from the Alps to protect the sensitive baby skin.

With its antiseptic and antioxidant properties, the sustainably cultivated extract of the precious alpine flower reduces the number of harmful germs and at the same time protects against "free radicals" to which the sensitive baby skin is exposed every day due to external influences such as environmental toxins or UV
radiation. In combination with numerous plant oils, GermaCare offers everything that delicate baby skin needs. For gentle care rituals that give protection and love.

Germacare - where love meets care.

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